Who is your role model? or Who has inspired you in your life and why?

To check how alert  you are this question is asked.  If you grope for an answer, it seems you’ve never been inspired.  If you ramble about your teacher you’ve wasted an opportunity to present qualities of great value to the company

Tip : Have a few national heroes in mind such as Infosys Mr.Narayana Murthy, Wipro Azim Permji, Tata’s Ratan Tata, Sports personalities like Viswanathan Anand, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Father of the nation Gandhiji, or anyone how is doing a great service at the local city or schools or anyone else who has been your mentor.

Be prepared to give examples of how their words, actions or teachings have helped inspire your achievements.  As always, prepare an answer which highlights qualities that would be highly valuable in the position you are seeking.

Sample Answer 1:  Near my house we have a school run for orphans by a 70 years lady from United States.  She provides high quality education and very hygienic food to students with love and care that I could imagine mother Teresa has come in her form.  I get inspired with her dedication, love and self motivation towards poor children and learnt the value of giving back to society.

Sample Answer 2: (By Dalavi Jyothi)
I was inspired by my dad. I haven't seen anyone up to now who worked so hard and still having time for his family. He never showed up and always intended to be a normal person. He is always assist me like a friend, he used to share his experience and the mistakes he did in his life so that we won't repeat them.

And he always keeps a smile on his face and he never showed his odd behaviour to our family. He use to spend more time with us and he cares a lot for us. He put his whole life in working and never made us to look down. My dad is the world's best father.

Sample Answer 3: (By S.Roja)
I was inspired by my mother. The way how she strive hard to make things possible was really admires me. When I was laugh she laughs, I was cry she motivates me and made me confident towards things.i never found till now any disappointment in her life even though she was in difficult situations and never loose her confidence to work and that thing is enough to achieve anything in our life. She was a good friend of mine. She shares all of her difficulties and told me how she dare to achieve them. she was such a hardworking guy and told that without hardwork and without trying to achieve anything there is no meaning for our life and life means always find satisfaction from past and be proud of what we do at present and hope for the future. That makes me I was really inspired by my mother.

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