Would lie for a company?

This question is a trap to create conflict between your loyalties towards company against personal integrity.  But we usually lie about simple things.  When you are getting ready for a party and your friend call you to inquire about your being started, you say "on the way" though you are still at home.  But when it comes to organization, it is necessary to hold your integrity upright even the situation is so compelling.  The reason being, If you lie, and anything unexpected happens, it not only spoils your career but also many stake holder depend on the company are effected.

Suggestion :
Try to avoid choosing between two values, giving a positive statement which covers all bases instead.

Sample Answer 1 :
I will consider lying only in a situation where there is a possibility of loss or damage to a project or team spirit or company’s core values are at stake.  Otherwise I will look at alternatives but would never like to lie.
Integrity is the most prized of all values for any company so never lie until as mentioned for positive outcome only.

Sample Answer 2:
I would not tell a no or yes to this questions. Because sometimes telling lie is better if there is a benefit to a mass, that is if the whole organisation is dependent and will improve and develop by my simple lie then I must tell it. But being a part of reputed companies as yours will never lead me to such a situation, its my belief and faith. I must abide myself to my values first, otherwise for my personal benefits beyond the company's mass.

Sample Answer 3:
Sir, I do not favour lying as it creates more problems that it solves. And mostly there are many ways of telling a truth. But if it is absolutely the demand of the situation, then I may lie for the interest of the organisation but only after confirming that it does not affect the interest of others.

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