Are you willing to relocate?

If an interviewer asks you if you’re willing to relocate, you can assume one of these things:
(1) Being open to relocation is a preference for them, if not an immediate requirement, so if you say 'no', you probably won't get the job; or
(2) The company has many offices across the country and there might be chance that your job appointment will be at any of these locations which might be very far from your home city.
(2) They really like you and they're already thinking of your promotion potential down the road, which is good news for you, but only if you're willing to relocate.

In all the above cases, the answer they want to hear is “Yes.”  If you can say “yes” with enthusiasm, then more better to you.

For some people, a few cities climate cause health problems.  But I suggest you not to mention this, but once you get selected, you can later talk to your HR manager and ask for relocation to your interested city.

Sample answer 1:
Yes sir, I am ready to relocate if my services are required in that location as per the company requirement.

Sample answer 2:
Sir I am adaptable to any kind of environment as I have studied in different places, can mingle with anyone and I am eager to learn new things so that I can improve my skills and apply what I have learnt to develop the company and it will be helpful for the company.

Sample answer 3: 
Yes sir, If I love my job then I too love to take my responsibilities related job. It will be beneficial for me to relocate as it will increase my communication skills as well as knowledge related to other culture. I'm friendly in nature so it will be no issue at all. And if I know my work I can be best anywhere.

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