Tell me something about yourself which is not there in your Resume / CV

This is an interesting question to test your personality.  Interviewer is trying to know more about yourself apart from your academics and your extracurricular activities.  i.e., Your value system, your ability to work with teams, leadership skills, etc.  Be prepared for this question.

How to answer:
Think about how your personality has moulded over a period of time and try to think of a few moments in your life that have had an impact on your behaviour.

For example, in your earlier days of your college, you did not like studying in groups, but during your pre final year, you realized that there are many projects which require good team work and you benefited a lot because of this.

Or initially you are a movie buff but after your scored less in a particular exam, you realized the value of time and since then you are focusing on your academics.

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