Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

Some people work best as part of a group - others prefer the role of individual contributor.  How would you describe yourself ?

This a tricky question to test your personality.  In real life projects there will be situations where you have to work alone and sometimes you have to work as a team.

Sample Answer 1: 
Based on a situation I wish to work either way.  If there is something that is unique and that I could solve it without much coordination or efforts from my team mates I will work alone but if coordination is needed I would follow the project team’s schedule and work schedules and work with the team.  The perfect situation would be a combination of working with information (data) for intelligent information and team for experience on the projects.

Sample Answer 2: (By S.Roja)
I prefer to work both independently and at the same time dependently. Became too dependent and too independent was not good. There are some works or projects which we are not able to complete by alone at that time we need to go for team and make ourself as a good team worker.  At the same time there are some works which we can easily finish as our own at that time no need for others help and we can do independently. But if always depends on others help even though the work possible to do our own means we can't able to do a small thing and we loose our confidence on that work. its very important for a professional to act according to the situation.

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