How do you define success ?

Give a well-accepted definition of success those points towards any accomplishments you have achieved in your college or school days.

Sample Answer 1 :
Success in my opinion means; the progressive realization of a worthy goal.  When I accomplish good performance in my education by scoring high marks I consider that as success.  When I make someone happy I consider that I’am a successful person in bringing cheers to someone’s life.  So success can be defined as a positive outcome from our actions.

Sample Answer 2: 
Success for me is when I set a goal for myself and realized it. So it is a journey but not a destination. Only by setting goals periodically, I can continue my journey towards success.

Sample Answer 3: 
Given my family background and problems I faced in my life, Success for me is getting a good job and sorting out those problems.

Sample Answer 4:
In my opinion Success is When I put 100% of my effort into something, though I may not be getting top position.  This certainly gives me lot of confidence and gives me a chance where I overlooked those areas I can improve on.

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