What is your most embarrassing moment ? How did you deal with it ?

HR managers feel this question helps them in understanding a candidate’s ability to deal with delicate situations.  The answer could be based on a personal or a professional moment but the emphasis should be on what you learnt and how you converted it into an opportunity.

Sample Answer 1 :

While in the third year of my engineering I was asked to speak  in an event where our Directors, professors and other eminent personalities are sitting and I was so scared to speak in front of such great audience.  I felt to embarrassed and upset with myself that I decided to get rid of my stage fear from then on by practising speech in an empty room first and later with my friends as audience.

Sample Answer 2: 

I could think of a recent moment I felt little embarrassed.  Recently I went to watch a movie. My seat number is I 10 but I sat in Row J  as the row names are placed a bit confusingly. After 10 minutes of starting the movie, A couple came and told that this is their reserved seat. I am a bit confused and want to check my seat number. At the same time, usher came and showed my seat. But in the mean while the people at the back of the row and others are restless as we are moving front and back.  I think this is really embarrassing.

Sample Answer 3: 

Recently I went to a marriage.  When one of my relative introduced me to another relative, I could not recall the other person but it seems he knows me well. At that moment I felt really embarrassed and taught to myself that remembering some close relatives names is very important for handling social situations like this.

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