Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized ?

This is a tough question because it’s more clever and subtle way to get you to admit to a weakness.   You can’t escape it by pretending you've never been criticized.  This question is also intended to probe how well you accept criticism and direction.

Look back at an incidence where you are criticized for not doing your duty well.  Examples:  failing a subject, not getting good percentage marks or bunking classes and missing home work projects etc.,

Sample Answer 1:
I was not mature enough to understand the value of working on the project work at college and my project work did not meet the expectation of my professors and he/she criticized me on my lapses.  I realized the value of quality work then and decided that I make sure to follow it in whatever I do in life

Sample Answer 2:
While I was in the third year of the college, we organized a technical symposium.  I was given the responsibility of food arrangements.  Even though our team planned very carefully with the limited amount of budget we have,  some food items ran out and some people started complaining it. We were criticized for not making proper arrangements.

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