Percentages 2/1

1. A's salary is 20% more than B's, B's salary is 10% less than C's. If A's salary is Rs. 1080, find C's salary.
a. 1000
b. 1500
c. 1800
d. 2500

2. In an examination, 50% students failed in English and 40% in Math and 15% students failed in both subjects. If 200 students passed in both the subjects, find the number of students appeared in the exam.
a. 500
b. 600
c. 700
d. 800

3. The price of petrol increased by 25% and so a person reduced his consumption by 25%. What percentage is the rise or fall in the expenditure incurred by him on petrol ?
a. No change
b. 5% rise
c. 6.25% rise
d. 6.25% reduction

4. Radius of the base of a right circular cylinder is increased by 10% and height is decreased by 10%. What is the percentage increase or decrease in
I. Area of the base ?
II. Volume of a right circular cylinder ?
a. 10% rise , 8.9% reduction
b. 20% rise , No change
c. 21% rise , 8.9% reduction
d. 10% rise , No change

5. A man bought some apples of which 13% of then were rotten. He sold 75% of the balance and was left with 261 apples. How many apples did he have originally?
a. Rs.1000
b. Rs.1200
c. Rs.1500
d. Rs.2000

6. In printing test papers for Excel, Gayatri found that if she used Arial font size 10 instead of Times Roman font size 10 there was a reduction of 18% in the number of pages required for test papers. Further, if she reduced the font size from 10 to 9, the savings were 14% and 10% in Times Roman and Arial fonts respectively. If an test papers printing in Times Roman font size 9 is converted to Arial font size 9, what is the percentage reduction in the number of pages?
a. 12.7
b. 14.1
c. 16.8
d. 17.5

7. The total weight of six people of equal weights inside a car is 12% of the total weight of the car (inclusive of the six people inside). If three people get down from the car, what will be the ratio of the weight of people inside the car to the weight of the empty car?
a. 3 : 44
b. 5 : 44
c. 7 : 44
d. 3 : 53

8. Fresh grapes contains 90% water, and dry grapes contains 85% matter. To get 25 kgs of dry grapes who many kgs of fresh grapes have to be processed?
a. 200
b. 212.5
c. 225
d. 250