Ratio and Proportion 2-1

1. Divided Rs.600 among A,B and C so that Rs.40 more than $\displaystyle\frac{2}{5}$th of A's share. Rs.20 more than $\displaystyle\frac{2}{7}$ of B's share and Rs.10 more than $\displaystyle\frac{9}{{17}}$th of C's share may all be equal. What is A's share ?
a. Rs.280
b. Rs.150
c. Rs.170
d. Rs.200

2. If 30 men working 7 hours a day can make 12 tables in 18 days, how many days will 45 women working 9 hours a day take to make 32 chairs? Given, 4 men can make 3 tables in the same time as 3 women can make 4 chairs.
a. 12 days
b. 14 days
c. 28 days
d. 21 days

3. A wheel named "A" with 16 cogs is meshed with another wheel B with 24 cogs which in turn meshed with another wheel "C" with 8 cogs. If wheel 'A' makes 100 revolutions, how many revolutions will wheel "C" make?
a. 70
b. 100
c. 200
d. 30

4. A box contains Red, Green and Blue balls.  The ratio of the number of red balls to green balls equals to the ratio of the number of Green balls to Blue balls.   If the total balls are 61 then find the number of green balls.
a. 7 : 3
b. 15 : 21
c. 10 : 21
d. 5 : 14