Adj - 5(201-250)

Circuitous (adj):  ser-kyoo-i-tuhs
A circuitous route is long and complicated rather than simple and direct = roundabout
He has a habit of speaking in a circuitous manner

Circumspect (adj) :  sur-kuhm-spekt
If you are circumspect, you are cautious in what you do and say and do not take risks = prudent, cautious
He was very circumspect in his financial affairs

Clairvoyant (adj):  klair-voi-uhnt
Someone who is believed to be clairvoyant is believed to know about future events or to be able to communicate with dead people = having foresight
He went to clairvoyant to find out what would happen to him in future

Clandestine (adj):  klan-des-tin
Something that is clandestine is hidden or kept secret, often because it is illegal = secret, furtive, surreptitious
The manager was dismissed from his  services for his clandestine activities which were against the company

Clarion (adj):  klar-ee-uhn (205)
Clarion call is a strong and direct request for people to do something
The election is a clarion call for our country to face the challenges ahead

Climactic (adj):  klahy-mak-tik
A climactic moment in a story or a series of events is one in which a very exciting or important event occurs
The film’s climatic scenes were pictured on the duplicate of the main actor

Cloying (adj):  kloi-ing
You use cloying to describe something that you find unpleasant because it is much too sweet, or too sentimental = distasteful
It was a romantic, rather cloying movie

Cogent (adj):  koh-juhnt
A cogent reason, argument, or example is strong and convincing = convincing, persuasive
The lawyer gave cogent arguments to acquit his client

Cognate (adj):  kog-neyt
Cognate things are related to each other of the same or kindred nature = same origin
French and Italian are cognate languages

Cognitive (adj):  kog-ni-tiv (210)
Cognitive means relating to the mental process involved in knowing, learning, and understanding things = learning
The accident has significantly damaged several of his cognitive abilities

Coincident (adj):  koh-in-si-duhnt
Coincident events happen at the same time
Normally, creation and authorship are coincident in time

Colloquial (adj): kuh-loh-kwee-uhl
Colloquial words and phrases are informal and are used mainly in conversation = conversational, veracular
He asked the address from the villager in a colloquial language

Colossal (adj):  kuh-los-uhl
If you describe something as colossal, you are emphasizing that it is very large = enormous, immense, huge
The colossal ‘Statue of Liberty’ was gifted to US by France

Comatose (adj):  kom-uh-tohs, koh-muh-
A person who is comatose is in a coma = sleepy
The doctor despite his best efforts could not revive the patient from his comatose condition

Combustible (adj):  kuhm-buhs-tuh-buhl (215)
A combustible material or gas catches fire and burns easily = inflammable, easily burned
It is not advisable to travel with combustible material

Comely (adj):  kuhm-lee
A comely woman is attractive = attractive,  agreeable
She is not only comely but also very hardworking and understanding

Commendable (adj):  kuh-mend
If you describe someone’s behaviour as commendable, you approve of it or are praising it = praiseworthy
Their commendable efforts to save the environment were greatly appreciated by all

Commensurate (adj):  kuh-men-ser-it, -sher-
If the level of one thing is commensurate with another, the first level is in proportion to the second = suitable
He was told that salary will be commensurate with experience

Commiserate (adj): kuh-miz-uh-reyt
If you commiserate with someone, you show them pity or sympathy when something unpleasant has happened to them.
When I lost, he commiserated with me.

Commodious (adj):  kuh-moh-dee-uhs (220)
A commodious room or house is large and has a lot of space
The car was quite commodious to seat six persons

Compatible (adj):   kuhm-pat-uh-buhl
If things, for example systems, ideas, and beliefs, are compatible, they work well together or can exist together successfully = harmonious
This computer program isn’t compatable with the operating system

Complacent (adj):  kuhm-pley-suhnt
A complacent person is very pleased with themselves or feels that they do not need to do anything about a situation, even though the situation may be uncertain or dangerous = self satisfaction, smugness, conceited
We must not become complacent about progress

Complaisant (adj):  kuhm-pley-suhnt
If you are complaisant, you are willing to accept what other people are doing without complaining = agreeable
His wife is pretty and complaisant

Compliant  (adj):  kuhm-plahy-uhnt
If you say that someone is compliant, you mean they willingly do what they are asked to do = yielding
For years he had tried to be a compliant and dutiful husband

Comprehensive  (adj):   kom-pri-hen-siv (225)
Something that is comprehensive includes everything that is needed or relevant= thorough, inclusive
This book provides a comprehensive review of verbal and math skills for the CAT

Conciliatory (adj):  kuhn-sil-ee-uh-tawr-ee
When you are conciliatory in your actions or behaviour, you show that you are willing to end a disagreement with someone = reconciling, soothing
The President’s speech was hailed as a conciliatory gesture toward business

Concentric (adj):  kuhn-sen-trik]
having a common center
Concentric circles or rings have the same centre
On a blackboard, he drew five concentric circles

Concise  (adj):   kuhn-sahys
Something that is concise says everything that is necessary without using any unnecessary words = brief
The essay was concise and explicit

Concurrent (adj): kuhn-kur-uhnt, -kuhr-
Concurrent events or situations happen at the same time = parallel
Concurrent with her acting career, Shonali has managed to write two books of her own

Congenial (adj):  kuhn-jeen-yuhl (230)
A congenial person, place, or environment is pleasant = compatible, favourable
The place provides congenial atmosphere for meditation

Congenital (adj):  kuhn-jen-i-tl
A congenital disease or medical condition is one that a person has had from birth, but is not inherited = innate
When John was 17, he died of a congential heart disease

Conjugal (adj): kon-juh-guhl
Conjugal means relating to marriage and the relationship between a husband and wife, especially their sexual relationship = marital
Conjugal life has its own bliss as well as problems

Connubial (adj):  kuh-noo-bee-uhl, -nyoo-
relating to marriage = marital, nuptial
The couple settled to connubial bliss after their honeymoon

Conscientious (adj):  kon-shee-en-shuhs, kon-see-
Someone who is conscientious is very careful to do their work properly = diligent, meticulous
He was through and conscientious, rather than brilliant

Consequential (adj):  kon-si-kwen-shuhl (235)
Something that is consequential is important or significant = significant
From a medical standpoint, a week is usually not a consequential delay

Conspicuous (adj) :kuhn-spik-yoo-uhs
If someone or something is conspicuous, people can see or notice them very easily.
You may feel tearful in situations where you feel conspicuous.

Consummate (adj):  kon-suh-meyt
You use consummate to describe someone who is extremely skilful = professional
He showed consummate skill and won the competition easily

Contentious (adj):   kuhn-ten-shuhs
A contentious issue causes a lot of disagreement or arguments = contraversial
Job Reservation is always a contentious issue

Contiguous (adj):  kuhn-tig-yoo-uhs
Things that are contiguous are next to each other or touch each other = adjoining, adjacent
In today’s scenario, relations between contiguous states are not very good

Contingent (adj):  kuhn-tin-juhnt (240)
If something is contingent on something else, the first thing depends on the second in order to happen or exist. = dependent
In effect, growth is contingent on improved incomes for the mass of the low-income population.

Contrite (adj):  kuhn-trahyt, kon-trahyt
If you are contrite, you are very sorry because you have done something wrong = apologetic, remorseful
He spoke in contrite tone feeling that he has hurt her

Contumacious  (adj):  kon-too-mey-shuhs
Resisting authority,  obstinate and disobedient = stubborn
A contumaceous witness is subject to punishment

Contrived (adj):  kuhn-trahyvd
If you say that something someone says or does is contrived, you think it is false and deliberate, rather than natural and not planned = forced, artificial
They made contrived conversation for few minutes

Conventional  (adj):  kuhn-ven-shuh-nl
Someone who is conventional has behaviour or opinions that are ordinary and normal= ordinary, typical
Internet connections through conventional phone lines are fairly slow

Conversant (adj):  kuhn-vur-suhnt (245)
If you are conversant with something, you are familiar with it and able to deal with it = familiar with
Those in business are not, on the whole, conversant with basic scientific principles

Convival (adj): kuhn-viv-ee-uhl
Convivial people or occasions are pleasant, friendly, and relaxed = festive, gay
There was a convivial atmosphere  at  the birthday party

Convoluted (adj):  kon-vuh-loo-tid
If you describe a sentence, idea, or system as convoluted, you mean that it is complicated and difficult to understand = twisted, intricate
His grammar explanations are always so convoluted that I can never follow them

Copious (adj):  koh-pee-uhs
A copious amount of something is a large amount of it = plentiful
Delhi received a copious amount of   rainfall in September

Corporeal (adj): kawr-pawr-ee-uhl, -pohr-
Corporeal means involving or relating to the physical world rather than the spiritual world = bodily, carnal
His corporeal needs were few, Food and physical comforts nothing to him

Corpulent (adj):  kawr-pyuh-luhnt (250)
If you describe someone as corpulent, you mean they are fat = veryfat
He is a short, somewhat corpulent man