Vocab Test - 12


1. DELVE (A) ask for (B) believe in (C) set upon (D) take into account (E) dig into

2. SHROUDED (A) dotted (B) torn (C) stoned (D) wrapped (E) rewarded

3.EXPLOIT (A) curse (B) join (C) use (D) mix up (E) set free

4. RUT (A) fixed practice (B) honest labor (C) useless regret (D) happy home (E) vain hope

5. CONSTITUENTS (A) ingredients (B) students (C) voters (D) judges (E) ministers

6.REPREHENSIBLE (A) praiseworthy (B) blameworthy (C) glowing (D) frightening (E) truthful

7. HAZARD (A) confuse (B) avoid (C) resign (D) chance (E) overlook

8. ROBUST (A) bragging (B) huge (C) sincere (D) upright (E) sturdy

9. PIECEMEAL (A) on the spur of the moment (B) bit by bit (C) over and over (D) as a matter of course (E) from first to last

10. INSCRUTABLE (A) disorderly (B) shallow (C) unwritten (D) painful (E) mysterious

 11. NEEDLE (A) join (B) prod (C) discuss (D) give (E) command

12. TENTATIVE (A) forgotten (B) fabricated (C) sunny (D) temporary (E) absentee

13. HUMDRUM (A) false (B) ugly (C) uninteresting (D) mournful (E) disappointing

14. RATIFY (A) create (B) revive (C) deny (D) con?rm (E) displease

15. HORDE (A) crowd (B) framework (C) nonbeliever (D) choir (E) warrior

16. RELENTLESS (A) unwise (B) fearless (C) straightforward (D) unappetizing (E) unyielding

17. MUDDLE (A) saucy remark (B) confused mess (C) delaying tactics (D) simple truth (E) great outcry

 18. ADULTERATE (A) grow up (B) push ahead (C) make impure (D) send away (E) die off

 19. CONCEDE (A) gain (B) join (C) force (D) struggle (E) admit

20. PLIGHT (A) final decision (B) spy system (C) plant disease (D) bad situation (E) listening post