Vocab Test - 11


1.BURLY (A) useless (B) wild (C) strong (D) easy (E) medical

2. DEBASE (A) call to mind (B) send from home (C) rely upon (D) take part in (E) reduce the value of

3. STANCE (A) performance (B) defense (C) length (D) posture (E) concentration

4. EXACT (A) fall (B) appeal (C) strain (D) loosen (E) demand

5. DANK (A) moist (B) unhealthy (C) smoky (D) frozen (E) cloudy

6. EXPRESSLY (A) de?nitely (B) regularly (C) quickly (D) safely (E) loudly

7. DISCOUNT (A) discover (B) disgrace (C) disregard (D) dislike (E) display

8. TOKEN (A) timely (B) minimal (C) stiff (D) imaginary (E) enforced

9. DECADENCE (A) false reasoning (B) hasty retreat (C) self-assurance (D) period of decline (E) fraud

10.ALACRITY (A) eagerness (B) joy (C) criticism (D) milkiness (E) fullness

 11.CLAMOR (A) magic spell (B) loose garment (C) poisoned arrow (D) loud noise (E) deep-sea fisherman

12. CONVENTIONAL (A) inexperienced (B) close (C) foolish (D) kindly (E) usual

13.INDISPUTABLE (A) unjust (B) undeniable (C) indelicate (D) indescribable (E) unconcerned

14. PUNY (A) weak (B) humorous (C) quarrelsome (D) studious (E) innocent

15. FACILITATE (A) make angry (B) copy (C) make easier (D) joke about (E) decorate

16. REPULSE (A) force (B) disown (C) restore (D) repel (E) indicate

17.CHARISMA (A) happy feeling (B) quality of leadership (C) Greek letter (D) deep hole (E) contrary view

 18.RIGOR (A) padding (B) mold (C) liner (D) building (E) strictness

 19. NOXIOUS (A) harmful (B) lively (C) uncertain (D) unprepared (E) calming

20. ENLIGHTEN (A) please (B) put away (C) instruct (D) reduce (E) criticize