Why did you apply for this job?

This is a very important question.  The interviewer is trying to gauge how much interest genuinely you have to apply for this post. So try to learn about the job description from PPT (pre placement talk) or from your seniors who already work for the same company.  Don't say like  because your placement officer forced you to sit for the selection process, or just for fun as you already got another job.  And more wrong answers include good salary, biggest company in Asia etc.  Try to match your skills with the job requirement. Show genuine interest in the company.

Sample Answer 1 : 
I checked the job description and found that the requirements are matching with what I studied at college so I felt I will be a good fit for the job and will be able to start working on company projects with confidence once the initial orientation is given about the company culture and standards.

If you are NOT a computer science graduate ( electrical, electronics, mechanical engineers applying for softward job etc.) the answer should be as follows:

Sample Answer 2 :

Even though I graduated from other branch (electrical or electronics or mechanical etc.) I found out that the company has projects in my domain areas (electrical, electronics, mechanical etc.)  So I felt with little training in the best practices of software my domain knowledge will help me to successfully work in domain specific software projects that is why I applied for this position.

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