What do you think it takes to be successful in this career ?

This question is to make sure that you work to a plan.  The interviewer wants to check how serious you are towards work.  The tip is to know full details of the industry where you are wish to work, know what are the best work practices employees follow, what tools they use to efficiently do work etc. Prepare for this question by asking your senior what tools they use, how they work and what are the practices that they have to adapt in the company to accomplish a given task.

Sample Answer 1 :
I spoke to some of my seniors who are working in the same position at the company and found out what is needed to be successfully working and the standards expected from me if I’m given the job.  I realized that I have to improve my communication skills, industry jargon, to be able to use tools and techniques when required, and I should be physically and mentally be agile and well to succeed in my career.

Sample Answer 2 : (By Sontyana Roja)
Its my pleasure to answer this question. I came to know the way of treating employees in your company was very good. Your motivation and encouragement to the employees who were innovative and have creative in their work was really appreciative. If i get into your company i always remember what responsibilities you have put down on me and make your company as a good platform to enhance my skills and knowledge . So that i being play a vital role in the development of the organization. It made me a very successful person in my life and in society too.

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