Percentages 1/4

19. The price of an article has been reduced by 25%. In order to restore the original price, the new price must be increased by :
a. $33\displaystyle\frac{1}{3}$%
b. $11\displaystyle\frac{1}{9}$%
c. $9\displaystyle\frac{1}{{11}}$%
d. $66\displaystyle\frac{2}{3}$%

20. p is six times as large as q. The percent that q is less than p is :
a. $83\displaystyle\frac{1}{3}$
b. $16\displaystyle\frac{2}{3}$
c. 90
d. 60

21. Sameer spends 40% of his salary on food articles and $\displaystyle\frac{1}{3}rd$ of the remaining on transport. If he saves Rs.450 per month which is half of the balance after spending on food items and transport, what is his monthly salary?
a. Rs.1125
b. Rs.2250
c. Rs.2500
d. Rs.4500

22. The population of a town increases 4% annually but is decreased by emigration annually to the extent of (1/2)% .What will be the increase percent in three years ?
a. 9.8
b. 10
c. 10.5
d. 10.8

23. A man's basic pay for a 40 hour week is Rs.20. Overtime is paid for at 25% above the basic rate. In a certain week he worked overtime and his total wage was Rs.25. He therefore worked for a total of :
a. 45 hours
b. 47 hours
c. 48 hours
d. 50 hours

24. On decreasing the price of T.V.sets by 30% , its sale is increased by 20%. What is the effect on the revenue received by the shopkeeper ?
a. 10% increase
b. 10% decrease
c. 16% increase
d. 16% decrease

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