Equations 2-1

1Gopi promises to give Rs. 90000 plus one old scooter as salary to his servant for one year. The servant leaves after 9 months and receives Rs. 65000 and the scooter. Find the price of the scooter.
ARs. 25000
BRs. 10000
CRs. 20000
DRs. 15000

2There are two sections A and B for class X in a school. If 6 students are sent from A to B, the number of students in B is double that of A. Otherwise, if 12 students from B are sent to A the number of students would be equal in both the sections. Find the number of students in section B initially.

3Mahesh, Pawan, Charan are playing $Uno$ and each has some money with them. In each round the looser has to double the money with each of the remaining two players. In the first round, Mahesh lost the game and doubled the money of Pawan and Charan. In the second round Pawan lost and in the third round Charan lost the game. After the third round, they found that each has Rs.240 with them. Find the initial amount with Pawan.

4Bhavya, Divya, Navya, Sravya are best friends. Bhavya has bought $n$ chocolates on her birthday. She gives Divya half the number of chocolates plus half chocolate. Then she gives Navya half the remaining number of chocolates plus half chocolate. Finally, she gives half the remaining number of chocolates plus half chocolate. And she left with no chocolates. Then "n" lies in between?
A$2 \le n \le 6$
B$5 \le n \le 8$
C$9 \le n \le 12$
D$11 \le n \le 16$

5A man spent 1/6th of his life in child hood, 1/12th of his life as youngster and 1/7th of his life as a bachelor. After five years of his marriage, a son was born to him. The son died four years before the father died and at the time of his death, his age was half the total age of his father. What is the age of the father?

6Pawan has bought a new car. For the car registration, he has the following conditions to be met. The number should be a four digit number having non zero and distinct digits. The sum of digits at the units and tens position is equal to the sum of the remaining two digits. The sum of the digits in the middle positions is three times to the sum of the remaining digits. If the sum of the digits is not more than 20, then how many such four digit numbers are possible.