Equations 2-2

7. Each girl in class 8th has thrice the number of girls as classmates as she has boys as class mates, while Each boy has five times the number of girls as class mates as he has boys as class mates. Total number of students is equal to
a. 13
b. 24
c. 28
d. 42

8. Pawan, Mahesh, Nani, Charan are playing marbles and each has got some marbles. They found that total marbles with them are equal to 100. Also, If you give 4 marbles to Pawan, take away four marbles from Mahesh, multiply Nani's marbles by 4 , divide Charan's marbles by 4 make them equal. Find sum of the marbles with Pawan and Charan.
a. 32
b. 24
c. 72
d. 76

9. In a parking lot there are some cars in some rows. If two more cars are parked in each row, there would be one row less. If three cars are parked in each row then there would be three more rows. The number of cars is
a. 20
b. 40
c. 32
d. 36

10. A student has to divide a number by 7 and add 21 to the quotient. However, being absent minded, he had first added 21 to it and divided it by 7, and got 66 as answer. What is the corrent answer?
a. 84
b. 96
c. 105
d. 112

11. A fraction becomes 4/5 when 1 is added to both the numerator and denominator, and it becomes 5/6 when 6 is added to both the numerator and denominator. The numerator of the given fraction is :
a. 19
b. 21
c. 23
d. 29

12. Katama and Rayudu have some marbles with them. If Katama gave 30 marbles to Rayudu, he would have 40 less than Rayudu. If Rayudu gave 40 marbles to Katama, he would have one third of the marbles with Katama. Find the sum of the marbles with Katama and Rayudu.
a. 150
b. 170
c. 180
d. 200