Time Speed Distance 1-6

31.  A scooterist covers a certain distance at 36 km/hr. How much distance does he cover in 3 min?
a. 1500 m
b. 1600 m
c. 1800 m
d. 2400 m

32.  The ratio between the rates of walking of P and Q is 2 : 3. If the time taken by Q to cover a certain distance is 36 minutes, the time taken by P to cover that much distance is :
a. 24 min
b. 54 min
c. 48 min
d. 21.6 min

33.  A man, on tour, travels first 160 km at 64 km/hr and the next 160 km at 80 km/hr. the average speed for the first 320 km of the tour, is :
a. 35.55 km/hr
b. 71.11 km/hr
c. 36 km/hr
d. 72 km/hr

34.  A man travels 35 km partly at 4 km/hr and at 5 km/hr. If he covers former distance at 5 km/hr and later distance at 4 km/hr, he could cover 2 km more in the same time. The time taken to cover the whole distance at original rate is
a. 9 hours
b. 7 hours
c. $4\displaystyle\frac{1}{2}$ hours
d. 8 hours

35.  Rama travels a certain distance at 3 km/hr and reaches 15 min.late. If he travels at 4 km/hr he reaches 15 min.earlier. The distance he has to travel is :
a. 4.5 km
b. 6 km
c. 7.2 km
d. 12 km

36.  Raghuveer has to cover a distance of 6 km in 45 minutes. If he covers one half of the distance in $\displaystyle\frac{2}{3}$rd time, what should be his speed to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time ?
a. 12 km/hr
b. 16 km/hr
c. 3 km/hr
d. 8 km/hr