Time Speed Distance 1/1

1. A train is moving with a speed of 90 km/hr. How many metres will it cover in 10 minutes ?
a. 1540 m
b. 15 km
c. 16 km
d. 17 km

2. If a man covers 10.2 km. in 3 hours, the distance covered by him in 5 hours is :
a. 18 km
b. 15 km
c. 16 km
d. 17 km

3. A man crosses a street 600m long in 5 minutes. His speed in km per hour is :
a. 7.2
b. 3.6
c. 10
d. 8.4

4. A boy goes to school with a speed of 3 km/hr and returns to the village with a speed of 2 km/hr. If he takes 5 hours in all, the distance between the village and the school is:
a. 6 km
b. 7 km
c. 8 km
d. 9 km

5. P and Q are two towns. Ravi covers the distance from P to Q on cycle at 16 km/hr. However, he covers the distance from Q to P on foot at 9 km/hr. His average speed during the whole journey is :
a. 12.5 km/hr
b. 10.25 km/hr
c. 11.52 km/hr
d. 12.32 km/hr

6. Ravi travelled 1200 km by air which formed $\left( {\displaystyle\frac{2}{5}} \right)$ of his trip. One third of the whole trip, he travelled by car and the rest of the journey he performed by train. The distance travelled by train was :
a. 1600 km
b. 800 km
c. 1800 km
d. 480 km