Time Speed Distance 2-1

1.  A man starts from L to M, another from M to L at the same time. After passing each other they complete their journey in $3\dfrac{1}{3}$ hours and $4\dfrac{4}{5}$ hours respectively. Find the speed of the second man if the speed of the first is 24 km/hr?
a. 15 kmph
b. 18 kmph
c. 20 kmph
d. 24 kmph

2.  A hare makes 9 leaps in the same time as a dog makes 5. But the dog’s leap is 2m while hare’s is only 1 m. How many leaps will the dog have to make before catching up with the hare if the hare has a head start of 16 m?
a. 70 leaps
b. 75 leaps
c. 80 leaps
d. 85 leaps

3.  A man is walking at a speed of 10 km/h. After every km, he takes rest for 4 minutes. How much time will he take to cover a distance of 10 km?
a. 96
b. 84
c. 90
d. 80

4.  A train left station A for station B at a certain speed. After travelling for 100 km, the train meets with an accident and could travel at $\displaystyle\frac{4}{5}$th of the original speed and reaches 45 minutes late at station B. Had the accident taken place 50 km further on, it would have reached 30 minutes late at station B. What is the distance between station A and B?
a. 200
b. 250
c. 300
d. 350

5.  A certain distance is covered at a certain speed. If half of this distance is covered in double the time, the ratio of the two speeds is :
a. 4 : 1
b. 1 : 4
c. 2 : 1
d. 1 : 2

6.  A train leaves Vijayawada at 6 a.m and reaches Rajahmundry at 10 a.m. Another train leaves Rajahmundry at 8 a.m and reaches Vijayawada at 11.30 a.m. At what time do the two trains cross one another ?
a. 9.26 a.m
b. 9 a.m
c. 8.36 a.m
d. 8.56 a.m